Interview with Piers Cunnington from Measured Architecture

Portrait by Yasmeen Strang.

What are you currently working on that is bringing you a sense of excitement? I am working with fantastic clients from Enova Residential who came to us with the ambition to build Net-Zero Modular Homes. We are currently finalizing the details required for these high-performance modules to go into production. The modules will be fabricated in Revelstoke by Adaptive Homes and then shipped to their site on Salt Spring Island. We are thankful to work with clients and a contractor that have the vision and skill to bring this ambitious typology to the market.

As you look to the future, are there any ideas that should be central in the minds of architects and designers? Architects and designers have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions by taking some simple steps. A typical car emits 5-6 tons of greenhouse gasses per year.  A typical house emits 10-15 tons. By paying close attention to a how we design the envelopes of our buildings we can drastically reduce the energy required to heat and cool them and thereby decrease the greenhouse gas emissions.

Is there one theme that is a constant in your approach to design? I love working with clients, consultants and the Measured team to dream up spaces that express the client’s ambition and courage to conceive of something new.

Rendering of the Net Zero project on Salt Spring Island.
White Lodge, Whistler. Photo by Ema Peter.
Lagoon House, Alta Lake, Whistler. Photo by Ema Peter.