Interview with Kate Snyder from Studio Roslyn

Portrait by Lauren D. Zbarsky in the Parsonage Cafe.

Your portfolio is creatively diverse with a focus on commercial design. How did you become the go-to designers for hip new restaurants and boutique retail shops to your most recent project, the Tresah Presentation Centre? Jessica and I have been fortunate enough to refine our point of view as designers for the past 10 years together. We have always strived to stay true to our design process which has allowed us to focus on research and strategy as well as encompassing the mediums of art, architecture, and fashion with interiors. It’s humbling to see people recognize our bespoke approach and understand the value in our process. 

Are you a multidisciplinary studio offering services beyond interior design? We are! We offer creative consulting services that include creative direction, branding/identity work, research/strategy, art direction, and photography/videography. Our holistic approach to design has been a natural progression for us. Having one consultant on a project allows us to thread all creative elements together to create an honest outcome. We are really passionate about our integrative process; we love it.

How do you keep your design ideas fresh and creative when you are working under time constraints or on multiple projects? Teamwork makes the dream work! But in all seriousness, I strongly believe that the sum of our parts is what makes our small studio go ’round. We have such a fantastic crew that all bring different strengths — working in tangent is how we keep things fresh and creative. Our design work also always starts from a high conceptual level which gives permission for movement within the process to allow for budget and schedule constraints while still creating the best outcome for the project.

Photo by Conrad Brown.
Photo by Lauren Zbarsky.
Photo by Joshua Lawrence.